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[Owner] cowmastermindKnightcraft seems to be offline for a while now. We will likely bring it back on next summer - keep your eyes peeled!
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[Owner] RoarmucusHey guys because of school and sports i cant be on much but i will try really hard to be on at around 7:00 pm every night. I am sorry that i have not been on for a while and i hope i can change that

-Owner Roarmucus
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[Knight] Ethan5482   registered to Knightcraft
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[Owner] cowmastermindHey Knightcrafters!

Due to conditions put in place by my mother, I will not be allowed to play Minecraft during the school year (September 3 thru June 7). [Owner]Roarmucus might be on a bit and if not, I have put [Ender King]shadowfox741 in charge. You are to listen to him and not argue with what he says.

Thanks a lot guys! See you next Summer.
- cowmastermind
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